Liv'it LIVE - 5th September


Tonight we celebrated what God had been doing in our lives over the summer. Some folk had been to either LIVIT CAMP or SOUL SURVIVOR, whilst others had been out to PERU on a "Latin Link" mission. Stuart Samuels (St Andrew's) challenged us to put into practice the things God had shown each of us over the summer and to start some "Risky Living".

Liv'it LIVE - 3rd OCTOber


Tonight we heard about the amazing trip the "Latin Link" team (pictured below with the Pastor & his wife) in Peru. Vron [Circuit Youth Worker] talked about the Book of Nehemiah, the team's daily study whilst they were out there, and how that was an encouragement for them as they embarked on the building work for the Church in Puente Piedra, Peru.

Liv'it LIVE - 7th NOVEMber


It was good to be back at Heywood, where we had a "Food" themed night and Victor Neagu (Heywood Baptist) went onto remind us of Jesus's word in Matt 4 v 4 "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"


Liv'it LIVE - 5th DECEMber


Once again we celebrated the "Christmas Liv'it" at Seedfield, where we had an excellent evening celebrating that JESUS IS the LIGHT of the WORLD!! The Seedfield crew treated us to a fun packed night, with some amazing worship, singing and dance. We got to know Rachel & Andrew (Seedfield) a little better through interview and the finale was letting some Chinese Lanterns with our prayers on into the cold December sky.

Liv'it LIVE - 9th JANUARY


This evening was quite a milestone for Liv'it LIVE, as we held our first ever Baptism service, where Naomi Markham & Nathan Dawson followed the command in scripture to be baptised. The worship was led by our friends the "Ark Band" and Rev Nev Markham spoke about the story of Zacheus - how Jesus put himself out to go to Zacheus's house, and how Zacheus once he had met with Jesus, paid back all that he taken fourtimes over.


6th FebrUARY


It was good to get together with "TASTE" as we celebrated the LIVIT CAMP Re-Union. The whole evening was given over to TASTE who lead us in some excellent worship (with a special guest appearance of Becca CEASER) as well a taking us back to those great nights we shared at Hollybush last summer, and reminded us why really need to get booked on quickly for this year's camp, which promises to be another outstanding week.




We had an action packed week-end at The Bridge in Radcliffe, where Pete Baker (PAIS UK) challenged us to "Be Heaven" in the way that we live. Saturday afternoon we ran a family fun day for the local community, this was really sucessful; in the evening we had the "LIVIT Saturday Experience" quiz night followed by a film. After worship on Sunday morning we went to the Riverside Gymnasium for a Sports Tournament, calling at McD's on the way back to the Livit Acdemies, which this year included: Dance, Creative Prayer, Media & Percussion. The week-end was rounded off with Pete speaking for us at Livit LIVE.

Liv'it LIVE - 3rd APRIL

(ChristChurch, WALSHAW)

It was good to be back at Walshaw for Livit LIVE tonight, where Andrew (Christchurch Walshaw), told his story (with the aid of an Easter Egg!!!), how God had worked in his life in an incredible way whilst at Uni in York. He reminded us of Psalm 127 v 1 "Unless the Lord builds the house....." and how that had been so significant in his life. The Drama and the Music were awsome tonight. Nice one Walshaw!!!

Liv'it LIVE - 8th MAY

(The Manna House, Bury Christian Fellowship -BCF)

Do YOU have a relationship with GOD? This was the searching question that Emily Gallagher (BCF) asked us all tonight. She told us her story and that how through both the good and bad times, God has always had His hand upon her life and how she knows that she really has a Relationship with God. Do You??

Liv'it LIVE - 5th JUNE

(The King's Church, Little Lever)

It was good to be back at the "The King's Church", Little Lever tonight for a joint Encounter/Livit evening. David Kell (King's Church) talked about ENDURANCE and how God calls us to endure in our Christian walk, and told us that it is not always going to be easy, and how we need to be faithful throughout the difficult times.

Liv'it LIVE - 3rd JULY


Tonight was an evening of preparation for camp. It was led by Paul & Hannah Schofield, our "Livit Up L8" hosts on camp, who guided us through an evening of activities and games, before Paul reminded us that God does not want us to be wandering from place to place with no home, but we are be secure and grounded in our faith and in the love that God shows us.

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