Liv'it LIVE - 7th September


The evening was lead by the "Accrington Gang" and Alan Lees (Poynton Baptist) spoke about "WAITING ON GOD" and reminded us we needed Humility and Hope in our lives to let God prepare us, for His purpose for our lives.

Liv'it LIVE - 5th OCTOber

(The King's Centre, Little Lever)

A Superb evening of Worship, Testimony and Fellowship was rounded off when SARAH EDWARDS (The King's Church) got us to consider the words of the Prophet "Micah" who exhorted us to live our lives "Justly, Mercifully and Humbly" reminding us that this is what GOD requires of us all!!

Liv'it LIVE - 2nd NOVEMber


A Fireworks evening special where SUZANNE ROTHWELL (The Bridge) reminded us that the GOD who was in the fiery furnace with His servants, is the SAME God who is with us today; and STUART SAMUELS (St Andrew's) said we needed the FIRE of God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit in our lives, if we are to be effective in our Christian life.


Liv'it LIVE - 7th DECEMber


An evening where we all challenged to think about our "roles" as disciples of Jesus. Andy Jackson (Heaton Chapel, Stockport) told us that Christ's life is our example, and said we must listen and be obedient to what GOD tells us to do, if we are to be HIS true disciples

Liv'it LIVE - 4th JANUARY


Another evening where our worship was led by the "Accrington Gang", we were treated to some drama from the Liv'it crew and Tim Shire (Heywood Baptist) spoke on 1 Peter 3 v 15; and showed us that we needed to Remember the hope we have, Recognise the opportunities to answer questions we are asked, and to be always Ready to share our faith.

Liv'it LIVE - 1st FEBRUARY


Hannah and Lydia (BCF) told us how important it was for us to "Let our Lights Shine", in our schools, colleges and work. God has done his part and we need to do our bit as the Lights Jesus intended us to be. It may be hard, but God is with us, and as the girls shared he has certainly blessed them in bringing people to Him through their work in school.

Liv'it ACADEMY : 6th - 8th MARCH

(Freedom Church HQ, BURY)

An OUTRAGEOUS week-end of teaching delivered by the "Freedom Team", concluded by Liv'it LIVE on Sunday evening at the Freedom HQ, where we enjoyed an awesome time of worship and Gemma (Freedom Team) talked about our responsibility to expect "MORE" from God in every aspect of our lives.

Liv'it LIVE - 5th APRIL

(The King's Centre, Little Lever)

Another excellent evening of Worship, where SARAH EDWARDS (The King's Church) told us that we should NOT be confused, but instead we should be sure of whom we serve. The challenge was: Do our lives measure up to the standard Jesus demands? As young people are we living up to what scripture teaches us are our responsibilities towards 1) SEX, 2) DRINK and 3)HOW WE TREAT OTHERS?

Liv'it LIVE - 3rd - 10th MAY

(BRIDGE METHODIST, [200th Anniversary Celebrations], RADCLiFFe)

A Special week for the Bridge as it celebrated 200 years of sharing the Good News of Jesus, the week began with a visit of the rock band TITUS, who played an awesome concert at the Sunday Liv'it LIVE

The week continued with our Friends "TASTE & ENVIZAGE" working in the local high school (Bury C. of E. High School) and rounding off the week with a concert at Bethesda Church on Friday 8th May, and then again at the Bridge, Radcliffe on Sunday 10th May at the Liv'it Camp Special.


Liv'it IN THE PARK - 7th JUNE


An amazing evening in the Park with Chris the Escapologist from Chester, with his Vegetable Balloon Impressions!!! and showing us that Jesus can set you free from whatever it is that holds you back, some excellent worship led by John Kell and the Little Lever Band, then Pete Baker rounded a great evening off telling us that no matter what anybody else thinks or says about you GOD loves each and every one of us.

Liv'it LIVE - 5th JULY


The "Town was painted Red" at Walshaw on Sunday evening with some thought provoking Drama by the Walshaw gang, rousing worship and a Spirit led message from Mark Curtis and we saw God minister to many of the young people.

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