Liv'it LIVE - 3rd September

(The Manna House)

Darren Durham challenged us to be "Adventurers" for God.

Liv'it LIVE - 1st October

(Walshaw Parish)

Lucy (Message Trust) asked are we prepared to "Liv'it" or are we just "Fakin' it"? Do our lives really show we are Christians?


Liv'it LIVE - 29th October

(Bolton Road Methodist, Bury)

Hannah (Bethesda) encouraged us to live a life that cuts across all "cultures" by obeying the command of Jesus, to be LIGHTS to the world.


 John Kell challenged us to fulfil our DESTINY by serving God, and reminded us that God promises us in His word "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD ,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope hope and a future.." (Jeremiah ch. 29 v11)


Liv'it Christmas Bash- 16th December

(The King's Centre, Little Lever)

Battle of the Bands

An awesome night of Music, Fun, Food & Celebration of the Birth of our Lord & Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

The King's Centre's answer to Sharon, Louis & Simon made an interesting combination of comments, compliments and insults to all the participants


Liv'it Camp Re-Union

13th/14th January

(Bridge Methodist, Radcliffe)  


An amazing evening with our friends TASTE & ENVIZAGE the resident Band / Theatre Co. for the LIV'IT Camp. We remembered last year's camp with "Geoffrey & Edna" and "Harry Bow & Star Burst" and looked forward to Camp 2007, which promises to be even more amazing!!!



An extravaganza of worship was led by "Rufus Garside" plus drama by the "Funky Monkey" (who came together at Camp 2006); we were then challenged by Kev Mott "Are we prepared to die to self, to live for Jesus?"


Liv'it LIVE - 4th February

(Prestwich Methodist, Prestwich)

Ian Henderson (Eden Project, Harpurhey) told us that God is "Well pleased" with his creation of each one of us, and that he has purpose and a plan for YOU!! We need to allow his Holy Spirit to breathe his power into our lives.

"Come from the four winds, O breath, and breath

into these slain, that they may live. (Ezekiel 37)

Liv'it Academy Week-end - 3rd / 4th March

(The Manna House)

Darren Durham reminded us that the responsibility is "On our shoulders", if we don't act in sharing the love of God, then who will? God sees our great potential and gives us the power to serve and worship Him as we should.

(Academy Picture Gallery)


Liv'it LIVE - 1st April

(Heywood Baptist Church, Heywood)

The only April fool's were those who missed out on this awesome night of worship and praise at Heywood, where Ian Geere talked about the calling that Jesus gave to us, his disciples, to be servants and have "the foot washing" mentality. Are YOU living up to the call? (John 13 v 1 - 17)


Liv'it LIVE - 6th May

(The King's Centre, Little Lever)

The evening was centred on God's Love, we heard how it had affected individual's lives, the work of "Zak's" in the community and John Kell (The King's Centre) reminded us that God's Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and how it should be the central driving force in OUR lives


Liv'it LIVE - 3rd June

(Seedfield Methodist, BURY)

Jon Miller (Youth Worker, Seedfield) told us GOD has a plan for everyone of us, even if we don't know it, we need to move forward now, trusting GOD as he doesn't get things wrong!!

Liv'it LIVE - 1st July

(Close Methodist Church, Radcliffe)

"Our God rains!!" and so the "Party in the Park" moved to Close Methodist, where we enjoyed a Bar-B-Que and a true extravaganza of worship. The evening kicked off with a rousing set by the Heywood Baptist Band, the momentum was maintained by sets by Seedfield and then the Bridge Bands and the evening was most ably rounded off by the Little Lever Band. We were reminded of the challenges God had put before us in ALL the Liv'its this year; and warned to be prepared for the spiritual battle we will face. (Ephesians ch.6 vv 10 - 17)  



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