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At the recent Liv’it leaders meeting discussions took place concerning the expectations and vision for “Liv’it” (this includes the Sunday monthly event, Liv’it Camp and any other events organised by the group). We all recognise the value of Liv’it, see tremendous strength and opportunity in it being hosted at numerous venues around the area and always enjoy the variety and quality. Young people enjoy being with groups of other young people. It is unique. 

This Charter is produced to help express our common vision and expectations.

·        We fully acknowledge that we are not a church but are a loose affiliation of local church Youth Groups who are seeking to encourage and support each other, build up our churches, disciple our groups and reach Young people who do not know Jesus. Our affiliation is based on a common love in Christ and that we share a common ministry: working with young people on behalf of our local churches. We simply enjoy working together because in Jesus we are friends.

·        A key objective of the Sunday Night Event is to give the young people of the host church the opportunity to share and testify about their Christian faith and experiences in a fun, secure and loving environment. Although we recognize that our groups and particularly the individuals are at different stages of the Christian life it is a great forum for them to have a go at leading, speaking, playing in worship groups, sharing, perform drama/dance etc. We would encourage this as much as possible.

·        The leaders of the Youth groups meet periodically (approx. every 4 to 6 weeks) to pray together and share. To ensure that all get support and share our objectives it would be to the greatest advantage if the leader or a representative could attend the meetings. We want to build together.

·        We would request that each host church is represented at each monthly event. We want to express our support just as we would dearly want it ourselves.



(Liv’it Leaders)

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